AV & Production Consultation

YAWP provides comprehensive, high-tech AV and production services for public spaces and live events. Whether you have new space or are looking to update your existing one, we will tailor the solution to fit your needs.


We offer synchronization or “sync” rights: Use musical recordings in audio-visual form, including as part of a film, television program, commercial announcement, music video or other videotape. Synchronization rights are licensed by the music publisher to the producer of the movie or program.

Music Supervision

We can help you source and select music for your project that enhances the experience and helps realize your creative vision. Our professional team is expert at managing all creative and business aspects from developing a music budget to selecting a composer, to curating songs and coordinating the soundtrack recording.

Song Licensing

All our music is available for licensing. We can also create custom content for your project, including songwriting, composition, instrumentation, production and mastering.

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