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A Checklist For Recording Artists Looking For Help

Hello Friends,

We get our share of emails and messages from recording artists looking for help, and we appreciate each message that comes our way. Artists should seek help. We encourage you to ask for help. To kick things off, here is a 101 checklist for you.  NOTE: These items are equally important and in no particular order:

Get a Web Site

You need a web site. If you’re just getting started we recommend using a free WordPress template and putting your music on Bandcamp. You can embed the Bandcamp player in your web site.

Record a Single

1 song is a good starting point. Record your best song in the highest quality possible for your budget. If it’s on Garage Band or Audacity, that’s fine, just get it mixed and mastered by a good engineer.

Shoot a Music Video for Your Single

Find someone with a video camera and shoot a video. Make sure it has a concept. It doesn’t have to be big budget to look cool.

Make Friends

Entertainment is all about connections – your creative connections, your professional connections, and your personal connections. The secret to all three of these types of connections is being friendly and easy to work with. If you are a lone wolf, you need to make time for other wolves.

Timing is Everything

Get your web site up, get your single recorded, shoot your music video, and then start planning your year. If you have all of the pieces ready to go, then you can be specific about the kind of help you need when you ask for it. How will you ride the momentum of your big release? You need a good board and your eyes on the waves.

Be Honest With Yourself

What is your current lifestyle like? What is your vision of success that you hope to achieve? If your current lifestyle is not in line with the path to realizing your dream and who you want to be, then you need to take steps to change your lifestyle.

Have Fun

You started playing music because you love it. Being onstage and in the studio are two incredible experiences that a small percentage of the population get to live out, so enjoy them. You can have fun and take care of business. 

These are the initial steps to position yourself for success in the music industry. Yes, it takes time to get these pieces together, but you’re working on your dream. Do you really want it to happen so quickly? To quote Aerosmith:

Dream on, dream on, dream on,

Dream until your dreams come true… 

So work on your dream and send us your website, cool video, and great song to music@yawprecords.com.

Yours in Music,


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