Events & Entertainment

Your event begins long before the first attendee arrives.

We begin with the big picture:

Once we have a general idea, we can begin customizing your event experience and promotion strategies to make it unique.

Venue Scouting

Need a venue? We can help you quickly find options. Indoor? Outdoor? No problem.

Staging, Sound, and Lighting Consultation

Some production companies railroad Event Planners, padding the bill and charging for equipment that never even makes it to the stage. We assemble the right team and the right equipment for the job without inflating the numbers. Whether your event is a workshop, wedding, conference or large festival, our team will make it happen.

Talent Booking and Artist Relations

Once we know the experience you want to provide, we can help select the best entertainment for it. We work with bands, magicians, digital artists, dance companies and other entertainers. Whether your event is for small children or adults, we know whom to book.

Let’s begin customizing your event experience:

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